This is another installment of Matt-Tells-You-Something-Common-But-Makes-It-Seem-Profound series.  Its a working title. 

Todays topic, the Nap. 

I think the importance of the nap is not understated or underutilized, but certainly its misused and poorly executed.  The common person views the nap as a leisurely activity. Something to do when bored or on the weekends or for after work.  If you have the ability and privacy you can incorporate it into every day life. 

I’ve mastered the power nap and its effectiveness over the past 3 years. I find one after breakfast or lunch and perhaps one in the late afternoon helps me to get 12-16 hours of productivity out of a day as well as make fewer mistakes in my work. Unfortunately work places havent embarrassed this but when I have my company with an office the first investment will be into a EnergyPod and institute mandatory naps. 

Napping in the lap(ping?) of Luxury


So here are my tips for a successful power nap routine: 

  1. Pick some place comfortable but not too comfortable. A couch or a lazyboy would be ideal.  If you’re going to use the bed by no means get under the blankets!
  2. Leave your cloths on, even your shoes if you’re not the type that takes them off at the door.  The more comfortable you are the more likely you are to over sleep.
  3. Waking yourself up is the hardest, if you aren’t disciplined enough to pull yourself out of Stage 1 or Stage 2 NREM sleep naturally then set your phone alarm and put it on your chest or stomach. 15 minutes is enough, 45 at the very most.  Anymore and you’ll be bumping up against REM sleep. That will mess up your entire day as well as that nights sleep which means the following day will be shot too.
  4. At the first twinge of waking up, don’t hesitate, don’t look to see what time it is, just snap right up.  The longer you linger the harder its gunna be to wake up and more likely you’re going to go through a full cycle (90-120 minutes).

 Using these easy to follow instructions you too could be like me, living in a third world country with no job, no possessions and living like a slack-ass teenager.