God only knows


Internet went down sometime Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Customer service is closed on Sunday so we were without Internet all day.  Not so bad, Lida and I had an unwired day so it was nice.  This morning they told me a “surfer” was out, which completely confused me until Lida translated it for me, shes really good at Engrish translation.  At 9:30am they said it would be back up by 4pm (high availability in Indonesia refers to a server being in a really tall building, apparently, or else its just how easily the Network Admins can get stoned).   

At 5:30pm they finally sent someone up to my apartment to discover my modem and coaxial cables were bad.  So two days offline with no cell phone (oh did I mention I lost it, yea for me!), probably needed the break but time to get back to procrastinating and feigning self-importance.