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This is the Sound Awesome

Its hard for me to describe to you how happy the following videos make me feel.  Dennis Leary said it best, “happiness comes in small doses, its a cigarette or a chocolate chip cookie or a 5 second orgasm”.  Id like to add one more item to that list. Belgian New Beat.  I have to thank Austin for this one, cause apparently he gets paid to hang out and watch funny YouTube videos and he sent me the first selection which lead to a YouTube Hole and now Im hooked.  I cant start my day without watching at least one of these videos.

  • I know they look gay but you know these guys were total players
  • I wonder how long they practice these moves
  • Is that Shawn Hatosy
  • That is Steve Marshall from Christian Central Academy in Buffalo, hes even got the crazy hand gestures down
  • The more I watch this the more sexy the girls get and I dont know why
  • At :19 the director says to the girl “Unt der vill be no shmiling in dis video!!!”
  • Anyone that wants to get me a present can get me those sunglasses, I must have them
  • Girl on the far right is my dream girl ….. in 1991. Pretty sure she speaks with a lisp.
  • The fog machine makes the foot work so much better
  • At 1:46 its Beth Grant!!!!
  • They have 2 others that are just as epic, if not blatantly racist
  • Its Harry, Ron and Harmonie!!!
  • Played by the Kids in the Hall?
  • Overdose on the lip gloss Ron
  • Actually I do kinda want to suck your *******

My First Tumor

Meet Ardi.  Ardi is a mature Indonesian man-boy who enjoys eating, sitting on his toy truck, a nice glass of cognac, pimpin’ hoes…. oh and 2 packs of cigarettes a day.

Is it just me or do you imagine this was Kim Jong Il 70 years ago?

If youre a parent and ever feel as though you are some what inadequate or perhaps didnt help your children develop to their full potential, I invite you to revisit this story to give you a shot of encouragement.  In unrelated news his father was recently nominated for both the prestigious Worst Father in History and Kim Jon Ils of Tomorrow awards.  My brother summed it up best, “Is life easier when you are that stupid?”.

I know what youre saying, “thats not real”, just watch the video. Im just impressed that he learned how to blow smoke rings in 4 months!

Super Rad

Ok so I find t hard to stay on topic sometimes (Indonesia) …….

Theres a few super hero movies that have come out in the past decade:

X-Men (2000)
Spider-Man (2002)
Daredevil (2003)
Hulk (2003)
X2: X-Men United (2003)
The Punisher (2004)
Catwoman (2004)
Spider-Man 2 (2004)
Hellboy (2004)
Batman Begins (2005)
Fantastic Four(2005)
Elektra (2005)
Superman Returns (2006)
X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
Spider-Man 3 (2007)
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)
Ghost Rider(2007)
Iron Man (2008)
The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (2008)
Punisher: War Zone (2008)
The Dark Knight (2008)
Watchmen (2009)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Mostly they are glorifying my adolescence and fall short in quantifying if not qualifying the obsession my brother and I had as kids with comics. For some reason Hollywood is great at visualization, perhaps, but the movies dont inspire the kind of pure emotion that the characters in these comics elicited.

Perhaps its a bit over-dramatic, but I watched a superhero movie tonight that came as close to the real thing as Ive experienced in quite a long time. Kick-Ass (2010). Im not too sure what exactly it was but it was actually a fun movie. I expected another bromance in the context of superheros but was surprised, not to mention, Nicolas Cage was actually REALLY good, yes, perhaps a type-cast, but one he is exceedingly good at.

And to make matters worse, I love the title track by Mika. Sorry but I already intimated my affection for Blink-182 on this blog so I dont think I could lose much more respect from my audiophile friends at this point. Oh and to all the ladies if you havent seen Mika yet, youre welcome:

So I realize that I started this blog to share my stories of Indonesia with all my friends and that, at times, Ive had difficulty staying on topic. So let me get back on track with this one inspired by  Jacksons comment about waiting for me to “learn the ropes“.

Ive dealt with the money changers here at the airport, the tourist district (Jaksa) and the big malls. Heres what Ive learned:

  • The big malls have the best rates but are so annoying to deal with. They are so strict on the condition of the bills. They treat them as an antique dealer would a possible purchase. Realize they will inspect every bill front and back. When I first got here I had $6000 in $100 bills in Bank of America bill wrappers. Granted, one of them was 20 years old, but the rest were fine, some average wear and ranged in age from 4-8 years old.  They only took about $2000 worth, citing issues such as too much wear or folds, lower serial number ranges and if there were ANY tears at all, forget about it. Today I had $600 to exchange, one of the bills had a 2mm fold in the corner but was crisp and new and they wanted to give me a lower exchange rate because of this. 
  • $100 bills have a more favorable exchange rate than the $20s by about 2%. Anything lower than that will take 5-10% hit on the rate.
  • The tourist areas changers are less anal but their rates will be 2-5% lower than the malls.  Haggling is possible here, so feel free to walk away saying youll be back after you check around.  This may get you a better rate. I havent run into it but counterfeit bills are possible so check as much as you can. The more money you change, obviously, the more likely you are to get a good rate.
  • The airport has terrible rates.  If you have to, only change enough for your cab or food. The only upside is there is little chance for counterfeit bills.
  • You can always get currency using your ATM card but remember, in addition to the $5 fee your bank will hit you with, they will also charge you a 1.5-3% fee and the exchange rate will never be in your favor.

If any of you are into foreign currency trading the Indonesian Rupiah is rated as a strong currency for 2010.  This time last year the exchange rate against the dollar was 13,500.  Its now just under 9,000 and expected do about the same this year.  The recession mostly missed the Indonesian economy and the country is listed at the top of investment lists so there is a large influx of capital.

Apparently even the US government is sick of these antics. I just got back from the embassy where a sign was posted something the effect of “Effective immediately all cash payments must be made in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) due to financial institutions reluctancy to accept US Bills with wear or certain serial number block.”

Shanghai’d in Singapore

Lida and I came to Singapore last night to complete the process of getting a Social/Cultural visa, which will make renewal much easier. We did all our home work before hand.  She could visit with no visa for 96 hours, we had out paperwork and used the last of my hotel points to stay at a minimum cost.

We got to Singapore and I cleared customs and waited while they cleared her.  They took her to a back room.  She made some sign to indicate all was not well.  After 15 or 30 minutes the woman came out to explain that Russians can only visit without a visa if they are arriving for continuing to Russia.  Since we were arriving and returning to Indonesia she was not allowed in the country. The woman refused to let me talk to her to figure out what we would do.  She said they were sending her back but wouldnt tell me when. She wouldnt even give her a bag with her things in it since I knew shed be stuck in the airport no less than 8 hours. We had no cash cause I was planning on getting Singapore dollars out of the ATM when we got there.

I was able to talk to her for a while last night via her cell phone but she wasnt supposed to be using it and I havent heard from here in almost 12 hours so Im afraid they took it from her.  They had her sitting in a room and werent telling her anything.

So here I am sitting in a comfortable hotel room with food and drink and I have no idea where she is, if shes had anything eat, slept or if shes even in Singapore. I assume she is because shes logged into Yahoo IM on her phone, but Im not getting any responses.

Its a terrible helpless feeling.

Me. For some reason the “‘When I die, I want my ashes to be spread on Gili Trawangan,’ Matt says.” sees extremely dark as the opening line for a human interest piece but whatever.  They cut out the funny stuff about Ducks in Chinatown and Fireworks on Chinese New Year. This is my second brush with fame.  The first was about 11 years ago. I think Im gunna stick with IT services.