Its hard for me to describe to you how happy the following videos make me feel.  Dennis Leary said it best, “happiness comes in small doses, its a cigarette or a chocolate chip cookie or a 5 second orgasm”.  Id like to add one more item to that list. Belgian New Beat.  I have to thank Austin for this one, cause apparently he gets paid to hang out and watch funny YouTube videos and he sent me the first selection which lead to a YouTube Hole and now Im hooked.  I cant start my day without watching at least one of these videos.

  • I know they look gay but you know these guys were total players
  • I wonder how long they practice these moves
  • Is that Shawn Hatosy
  • That is Steve Marshall from Christian Central Academy in Buffalo, hes even got the crazy hand gestures down
  • The more I watch this the more sexy the girls get and I dont know why
  • At :19 the director says to the girl “Unt der vill be no shmiling in dis video!!!”
  • Anyone that wants to get me a present can get me those sunglasses, I must have them
  • Girl on the far right is my dream girl ….. in 1991. Pretty sure she speaks with a lisp.
  • The fog machine makes the foot work so much better
  • At 1:46 its Beth Grant!!!!
  • They have 2 others that are just as epic, if not blatantly racist
  • Its Harry, Ron and Harmonie!!!
  • Played by the Kids in the Hall?
  • Overdose on the lip gloss Ron
  • Actually I do kinda want to suck your *******