Ive always thought of myself as an original and unique person with a gift for providing a fresh perspective on any situation, but thats only because I take all my concepts, philosophies and opinions from the most interesting of the people I surround myself with. 

Of late two of them are getting some good exposure and I wanted to share that with the 2 people who read this blog (one of which is featured below):

Graphic Design is like the Psychology major or Dave Matthews Band of careers.  Anyone who had no motivation or couldnt figure out what they wanted to with their life decided to be a Graphic Designer.  The one common thread among them all is their inability to deliver on a time line and their belief that because they work in a creative role they are not bound to the same rules everyone else plays by in the business world. 

Enter Austin Lee Watts III, an old friend that morphed from a very diligent bar-back in Philly into a creative and surprisingly professional designer.  Like me he has also ventured away from a secure 9-5 job, where he worked in the fashion district of NYC for a rather well-known apparel company, to start his own “art direction studio”, One Day Vacation. Much like my decision, this may not have been the most fiscally sound move, particularly in this economic climate,  but looks like it was a gamble that is starting to pay off . I guess now that hes not designing meaningless t-shirt vector art for the teenage section of your local department store, conceptualization is bit more uninhibited.  He designed the Westwind logo for me by the way.  He recently got some love from a well respected design blog:

 Beautiful/Decay Design Blog: Austin Watts

Until I was 20 I thought Id make my mark in life working in the recording industry. One summer at a major label in Hollywood quickly changed my mind and I decided 16 hours a day in front of a computer with no human interaction would be far more rewarding, if not more attune to my neurosis. On occasion Ive ventured back into thinking it would be fun to do something related to music and sometimes actually attempted it (Bashment Magazine and Matt Sheehy show with Rachel comes to mind) but reality always brings me back to my inanimate friend. 

Luke Roberts has managed to keep himself in a constant state of disillusionment for the better part of 20 years and has proved that while ignorance may not be bliss, it certainly can get you some amazing bragging rights. Recently he opened up for Thurston Moore, not really sure how that happened but it did and last month he released his first solo album on Ecstatic Peace Records, Moores record label. While im sure it would pain him to hear me say this as every says he looks like Beck, but the albums somewhat reminiscent of Becks – One Foot in the Grave, minus the schizophrenia and a bit less dissonance (its meant as a compliment, if you took it otherwise youre just a very negative person and nothing good will come in your life). You can get the MP3s off eMusic or buy the CD here:

Luke Roberts – Big Bells and Dime Songs