Meet Ardi.  Ardi is a mature Indonesian man-boy who enjoys eating, sitting on his toy truck, a nice glass of cognac, pimpin’ hoes…. oh and 2 packs of cigarettes a day.

Is it just me or do you imagine this was Kim Jong Il 70 years ago?

If youre a parent and ever feel as though you are some what inadequate or perhaps didnt help your children develop to their full potential, I invite you to revisit this story to give you a shot of encouragement.  In unrelated news his father was recently nominated for both the prestigious Worst Father in History and Kim Jon Ils of Tomorrow awards.  My brother summed it up best, “Is life easier when you are that stupid?”.

I know what youre saying, “thats not real”, just watch the video. Im just impressed that he learned how to blow smoke rings in 4 months!