Lida and I came to Singapore last night to complete the process of getting a Social/Cultural visa, which will make renewal much easier. We did all our home work before hand.  She could visit with no visa for 96 hours, we had out paperwork and used the last of my hotel points to stay at a minimum cost.

We got to Singapore and I cleared customs and waited while they cleared her.  They took her to a back room.  She made some sign to indicate all was not well.  After 15 or 30 minutes the woman came out to explain that Russians can only visit without a visa if they are arriving for continuing to Russia.  Since we were arriving and returning to Indonesia she was not allowed in the country. The woman refused to let me talk to her to figure out what we would do.  She said they were sending her back but wouldnt tell me when. She wouldnt even give her a bag with her things in it since I knew shed be stuck in the airport no less than 8 hours. We had no cash cause I was planning on getting Singapore dollars out of the ATM when we got there.

I was able to talk to her for a while last night via her cell phone but she wasnt supposed to be using it and I havent heard from here in almost 12 hours so Im afraid they took it from her.  They had her sitting in a room and werent telling her anything.

So here I am sitting in a comfortable hotel room with food and drink and I have no idea where she is, if shes had anything eat, slept or if shes even in Singapore. I assume she is because shes logged into Yahoo IM on her phone, but Im not getting any responses.

Its a terrible helpless feeling.